The choice is no longer violence or nonviolence.
It’s nonviolence or non-existence.”
— Dr. Martin Luther King

"Doing" far

As a newly formed community, we are in the process of creating meaningful events that promote peace and invite others into our group.  This is only the beginning!  Currently, these include...

  • Participation in annual MLK Walk for Peace as well as other organizations' peace-related events.
  • Inviting/hosting speakers who advocate for peace.  Recently, we invited activist Father John Dear, who was promoting his new book, They Will Inherit the Earth: Making Peace & Practicing Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change.
  • Planning/hosting annual Peace Week activities which can include movie/discussion evenings, book studies, guest presenters with panel discussions, whole-family peace-promoting activities. This week culminates with participation in a world-wide, United Nations-sanctioned candle-light vigil on the International Day of Peace, September 21.